Luciferians Conspiracy. Part 1

Did yu kno that the Ancient Arabic Order Nobles Of The Mystic Shrine was originally called The Order Of The Mystic Shrine or called in 1870 A.D which is the same year the shrine was built in Sudan by the Mahdi which is where the Europeans and Euro Americans based their rituals on wat they saw in the middle East .

The Grand Lodge of Canada in Alberta , Canada in 1901 A.D and in 1905 A.D . The established 39 Lodges and 2, 380 Brothers of the White Brotherhood who followed Albertus Magnus . He was a Master Magician and investor of German Gothic style of Architecture. Albertus Magnus is the one who changed the true constitution of Masonry . He was also spearheaded by Albert Pike who became the sovereign General of Euro Freemasonry. .The initial name of Albert , jus as the sons of the confederate , another name for the Klu Klux Klan, used Robert and Lee in their names as codes . Albert Pike , Albert Gallatin Mackey have a symbolic first name Albert, taken from the 12th attribute of Allah, the Mohammedan God in Arabic Al Bari meaning the maker as in master builder, and 12 as in the 12 disciples.

Albert Pike was a 33rd degree freemason as well as a confederate General during the civil war. He became a lawyer, journalist , poet , and a prominent jurist . In the 1800’s Albert Pike joined the Luciferian conspiracy , and soon became the head of the organization. In 1834 A.D Mazzin E. Giuseppi, an Italian revolutionary became Adam Weishaupt’s successor as Illuminati director. He placed Albert Pike at the head of the Illuminati operations in the U.S . These soon became as one unit and divided the work of the one world government conspiracy between them. Albert Pike took control of the Theosophical society working with a witch named Madame Helena P. Von Hahn also known as Madame Blavatsky (1831 – 1891 A.D) . She wrote books such as Isis unveiled , the secret doctrine .
She along with two other women Maria Auatich , Zigrum and the Thule society came together and selected Adolph Hitler to be their contactee in pursuit to rule the world. They were all directly involved with the head of the Freemasons , general James Albert Pike, 33 degree master .Albert Pike took control of the religious side of Theosophical society and Mazzin Guiseppi was in charge of political side. Then , Albert Pike organize another order of Freemasonry called the new mission to destroy Christianity and to promote a Luciferians one world government. As you can see the worship of Lucifer is breeding in these masonic lodges. To be continue

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