If you could copy and paste the memories of someone else into….
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your mind, which ones would you pick? The way you act is governed by the chemicals in your brain and the events you’ve experienced. We know that we can influence the former by messing with your grey matter’s chemical makeup, but could adding new memories fundamentally change who you are as a person?The opposite of Explicit Memory is Implicit Memory, and this type controls your subconscious movements; with everything from walking, speaking and driving all governed by the memories you gained while learning to do them.Semantic memory is another type of your conscious Explicit Memory, and this one helps you retain facts and information, with these memories consciously activated whenever you need to know something. If you’ve had a terrible life full of woe and failure would you replace your memories with better ones? And if so, what would happen to these memories once they’re implanted in your mind?

  • Evol Bob

    If you had someone else’s memories you’d be confused.

  • PoisonedCoats

    Thinking about it, if you recorded a person’s entire life, from start to finish, and implant the memory into an infant, wouldn’t that infant become the other person(through memory)?

  • Josh Stanbone

    Hail the all powerful gonad!!

  • FaerieSensai

    3:16 Is that Nathan? Breakdancing?


    Please say it was…

  • George H.

    Not me i have Eidetic memory.

  • Cedric Mugeri

    my memory is a copy of my reincarnations past life

  • DeadReactions27

    I started watching this whilst thinking of the guy at 2:01

  • Mr.Faust Faun Fable

    epileptic hyena lmao

  • Mr.Faust Faun Fable

    No thanks I don’t want nobodies memories.

  • Mikhail Slye

    You can make anybody understand what you’re saying all it takes is picturing the idea in your mind body language and tone of voice delivery of message