Something Out Of This world Has Real People Stunned! 2017

Jim Martin UFO CA. Footage…

Joe Kiernan Footage & UK Link

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  • Darryl Lax

    What happened to the video y’all made nine hours ago? Why y’all take it down?

  • Shelly Long

    Don’t get all excited, goes definitely look like deep state/illuminati/Draco reptilian US government vehicles

  • Shelly Long

    Don’t get all excited, those definitely look like deep state/illuminati/Draco reptilian US military government vehicles

  • Patricia Curnutt

    interesting we are seeing wierd things lately in the Sky’s eclipse strange sounds in the sky. the horn sound I can’t figure it out. only god knows.


    I live in Costa Mesa the other day I saw 2 objects flying definitely wasn’t a plane or drone wish I could of got it on camera but you could see it using a iphone

  • Ben Sheppard -AO fitness ministry

    Wow what is the music intro?!

  • any dozin

    other dimensional visitors

  • Shelly Long

    I saw a TR 3B patrolling out in the desert in Laredo back in 2016 when they took all that border surveillance down. I was working in the oil field and I stop my truck and try to shoot pictures of it but they have some kind of technology on there to fry out your camera Sim card. They saw me and were probably laughing while they shot at my camera. It didn’t look just like that but it did disappear they can turn the lights out on them and make them invisible and that’s what they did shortly there after. The one you have pictured seems like a new and improved version. They do have some sort of cloaking ability

  • Katrina Howell

    The 2nd craft, I have anywhere from 8 to 20 of crafts with that light set up fly over my house every night. I have time and time of videos of them.

  • Angels Unite

    Not One of You Is Originally From Earth. You All Originated From Other Star Systems. FULL DISCLOSURE SOON 😘💕😇💕