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  • lmactanssc2

    Moon clouds, lights and colours- research project Clementine aka Golden Dragon. Happy digging

  • crome

    Tyler you 😎 don’t get hooked on pain 💊 you’re the best Tyler.

  • John Ganshow

    Everything you see that can’t be explained. is swamp gas from Uranus, according to NASA…

  • Simon Matthews

    I thought I might be first? This is another UFO footage & weird formation of mystery sights in the nighttime sky

  • Jeffrey Sollars

    How the healing coming along ty

  • Ajplayer1212 articwolf

    The moon is not a planet

  • Joseph Wissarionowitsch Stalin

    Looks like a Tr3b spinning around . So if it shows other side it looks like new lights come

  • Lake Monahan

    Katy, TX? I’m guessing yes since you referenced I10 and 99

  • M773

    man … i`m so tired of seeing these chinese lantern videos

  • Higherimagez Official

    @secureteam10 I saw 3 to 6 of same things. Dimming like off/on. Then zig zagged moved fast,. it even zig zaged up. 3 Disappeared then 6 reappeared