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  • weazel14ls

    Really enjoy your content bro, out of all the “ufo” chanells your delivery is by far the best. TCB, keep putting it out there.

  • Well HellRell

    It’s John Connor

  • Dusk Renard

    Dude he’s straight up flipping us off in one of those pics

  • Flat on one side A Cure

    Im thinking he was born in a bowl of cherios

  • Bridgelife Shi’ar

    I think reincarnation could be real… I’m almost sure of it, because I’ve heard of a few cases of children remembering there former lives, solving unsolved murders and all.

  • DavidAnims

    Yup yup yup. That stuff really seems to be true

  • poppa P

    Why they let his game get out of hand ? Now he is delusional as a adult

  • Ryan Vargas

    Did that kid just flip me off?

  • TestTheAcid

    Kerry Cassidy 😆 rofl…….

  • Chef B

    Here we go again. Insomnia 101