The advent of social media technology has made global communication easier than ever before – yet this innovation creates opportunities for evil as well as good. Learn how ISIS is using social media to manipulate, groom and ultimately recruit people across the planet.

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War Comes to America

Warring and Roaring

Internment Ceremony of the Vietnam Unknown

Vietnam Special

Marines 65

The Battle

Flirting with ISIS: How the Islamic State Recruits | The New York Times

New ISIS video aims to recruit Canadians

Report: Virginia teen recruiting for ISIS

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ISIS Recruitment Tactics | Stuff They Don’t Want You to Know

  • Merica Fuck Yeah

    Zero substance. Dont bother watching trough it. He just babbles about the stuff we already know.

  • Ed

    This is exactly why the immigrant refugees that are infiltrating Europe. Should be treated as enemy combatants. First western leaders need not be so politically correct any longer. Why. Look around its obvious. ISIS and Islam clearly state and perform action’s in a manner that proves their true intentions. Along with other domestic enemies of the state which this video is not about. Second. Prevented from crossing boarders with extreme prejudice. And third. Deported immediately to countries of origin. Or kept in secure detention centers indefinitely or untill someone is willing to accept them. This goes for men, women, and children. All of which have committed acts of terrorism. And have a clear conflict of interests with the western world. MAKE NO MISTAKE. These people do not need your help or refuge. This is clearly becoming a widespread invasion. I will go as far as to say they should be treated as enemy combatants which they clearly are. This also goes for domestic individuals that accept ideals that conflict with western ideals. Unfortunately for us. There are feeble minded people and politicians. That support these enemies in exploiting our own systems of democracy. It is time for the western world to except the truth for what it is. We don’t owe them refuge since they . combatants that are a clear and present danger to OUR way of life.

  • Angela M Ricks

    weak-minded people tend to think that their lives are worse than what they really are and those are the individuals who can be convinced to join an extremist group easily. I think it’s sad that people do not have hindsight, foresight in any part of History. lack of information is the primary cause of bad decision-making.

  • P-o Cust

    First video after feds knock on his door

  • Chan Chan

    Anime is my God. All unbelievers will perish.

  • Binh

    Love your channel bros! Just curious have you guys received any government static from your vids? Pretty heavy stuff…keep it up dudes!!!

  • Rachael Blue

    I get messages on YouTube and Facebook all the time from suspicious men and names and such. I wouldn’t doubt they try to recruit women and men

  • Kayleigh Hay

    I dare them to try to recruit my stubborn ass……

  • xLurkez

    Terrorists are fake. The US Government lied about all of it to scare the population into thinking they need more protection from “threats” whereas it’s just forcing away everyones privacy and rights. The best way to control someone is through fear. I suggest youse research David Icke he makes really good videos and he explains how and why they lied etc

  • Comrade Nestor

    They’ve taken the mechanisms used by military groups (exploit the disaffected)