Violent video games are often cited by very cautious parents as being dangerous. But is there any truth to this?

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  • Haru Daru

    Keep on shooting up schools and kill these degenerates 😀

  • CaptainRespawn, TR3sPawN

    Dangerous enough to make Iran kill Michael Jackson apparently

  • Tiny Ankle Biter

    Gaming isn’t for everyone, but it is a hobby that some of us love. I feel it calms me after a session of COD taking my frustration out on it. I have noticed that my daughter is also calmer after playing games and she isn’t as agitated as she used to be. But we also teach her what is right and wrong, because we also hunt we have taught her to shoot and regularly talk to her about guns and she knows it isn’t toys it can kill people or hurt them very bad. She is afraid of guns and will not touch one unless her father is with her. Can’t just blame the games…

  • Presteeze

    Sandy HOAX Shooting

  • Drumtek

    “encourage violence” the only people that have had a fight in my school are people that dont play games

  • GamerUnchained

    So they’re talking about kids playing violent video games? How about the PARENTS stop their kids form playing games that are not meant for their age.. Don’t take away violent video games, make the parents do their job.

  • Vladimir Putin

    Less dangerous than Islam

  • John nesta Shakur


  • Epic Screen name


  • shubham sharma

    video games prepare people for events like war , where you just have to soot people on the name of “fight for country” and basically kill people on the same planet .. whether you agree or not , violent games make people aggressive , dont believe me ? then go and play some online games like , dota , league , smite , ditry bomb , cod , bf etc ..