Is it possible that someone has been playing both sides of the financial fence, seeking to destabilize markets for their own purposes?

Is the U.S. stock market rigged? | 60 Minutes |


Here are the facts.

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Has someone been orchestrating stock-market booms and busts?

  • Matthew Hatton

    I love this – “You can turn back now or learn the stuff they don’t want you to know.
    Here are the facts, stock markets are very complex and in countries around the World.”
    Wow what a breakthrough.

  • Arbstel Bleu

    That’s why capitalism is bad.

  • Myron Buzzwannanots

    When the Securities & Exchange Commission was founded by F.D.R. in 1934, he appointed J.P. Kennedy Sr. (father of JFK) as it’s first commissioner. F.D.R. said about Kennedy; “It takes a crook to know a crook.”

  • deckape69

    Ben and Matt I wish you would do a segment as to why you have to be Jewish to head the Federal Reserve, there are things they don’t want us to know are believe 

  • Xyan Hudhawk

    It was all three. Fed’s owned by the banks. Banks owned bye europeon banks. It’s a Cartel.

  • ZZDaikun
  • Zabet Pucket

    cultural cold wars that star wars didn’t win, trust is a dark light, lying is nearly the last most forgivable commandment. Art is a human beings self governing consciousness, not a money launderers graven image for CNBC idolatry, money is art is more dangerous than murder or else why would image be the 2nd commandment, murder the sixth.

  • Zabet Pucket

    records are made to be broken – Woody Allen (a jew that knows he deserves it)

  • DarkLord Awesome

    oy vey shut it down! they goy know!