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  • Ken Estrada

    Looks like they are moving right to left….

  • Deb S

    Looks like windows on it to the right.

  • Jan Cote

    Just another great catch of video science that makes your channel AWESOME Tyler! Keep on it 😝 JAN IN PTLD. ME

  • Whicket Williams

    The LORD mentions loosening the belt of orion….

  • deltaskyhawk

    These cylinders could be creatures that are moving among the stars. Sort of like space whales! For example, there are snails that make cylindrical shells. If you think of space similar to an ocean, then such creatures could exist. I am sure someone has thought of this already! Reboot!

  • Romulus

    Goddammit, Tyler. Quit posting stuff, I’m trying to study!

  • Fresh Toast

    6:35 That thing need 2 be very big

  • TOoNGuy 54

    Hey, I enjoy you’re work, awesome stuff, that “asteroid” that went through our solar system and around our sun and out, how does an asteroid leave the gravitational pull of the sun like it did, wouldn’t an “asteroid” need a huge amount of energy to pull away from it? Also did you see that solar halo that was shared on Canada’s weather network? It looked really cool and I’d never seen that before

  • Samuel Mendoza


  • micheal wimmer

    I think they are pieces of the tower of Babel. Been floating out for a few thousand years its very plauseable.