The Washington monument is one of the strangest structures in DC. Join the guys as they explore the weird history of this iconic obelisk.


Here are the facts.

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4 Weird Things about the Washington Monument

  • Norman Rosenzweig

    Thoroughly enjoyed this. Excellent!!!

  • Greg Poirier

    Like everything else ‘american’, the Washington Monument is a two bit fake OBELISK. Atleast, the Vatican, Paris and London stole real obelisks from Egypt, which are made from a single piece of marble……..more american childish nonsense

  • Edgar Duran

    Where are the dumb atheists?

  • Jon Bell

    Its a nuke

  • Monica Courier

    i went to Washington and saw this last weekend

  • Marney Cohen

    Its Egyptian and has nothing to do with Washington Politics!

  • WiseVisionX2

    His glasses are from H&M! Facts

  • BklynJayL

    He left out the part of, the Washington Monument represents the Egyptian Sun God Osiris’s Penis.

  • BklynJayL

    Freemason George Washington, the devil worshipper. No wonder, he had Hebrew Slaves. America was against God’s children from day 1.

  • Eric Zahler

    Come on! Tell about the fact that the monument was placed in the wrong location on purpose! And, they used darker stones on purpose after the civil war and they zipper jointed three sides of the monument most of the way up on purpose. Now they have to have Congress out there tucking mortar back in the joints every twenty years just so none of the stone will fall out of place and hit the tourists. As soon as we fix our government we are going to replace the monument with a single piece Geo-polymer monument and of course we will place it in the correct location, ON SQUARE!