What really landed in Kecksburg, Pennsylvania? Who terrorized Los Angeles in 1942? Join Ben and Matt to learn more about unexplained UFO sightings.

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Here are the facts.

Join Ben and Matt to learn the Stuff They Don’t Want You To Know about everything from ancient history to UFOs, government secrets, and the future of civilization.

Here’s where it gets crazy.

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4 Unexplained UFO Sightings

  • orange70383

    I’ve seen them twice and ball lightning twice. Once you see one then you know they are real and like it or not your world view changes and you can’t go back to the simple way life once seemed.

  • Carson Wotell

    most ufo sightings go like this “oh my god a ufo” in reality “i’m drunk and near an airport”

  • Ed Van Meyer

    They are frequent flyers.

  • Doug M

    I would have to say for the Battle of Los Angeles that is very possible there is a very little known fact that there were balloons that were sent off into the jet stream from Japan that had bombs one of them landed in either Washington State or somewhere but another one also landed here in my hometown in Omaha Nebraska where it exploded during war war 2

  • Space Snake

    cool shades, what brand is it?

  • happyfacekilla

    only heard podcast thought this guy would look way more badass… lol he has a combover i think? hair conspiracy

  • GraceAndGlory

    I think he has razor burns

  • Kevin Wilson

    Did he just talk about the “battle of los angeles” without mentioning shots being fired….only then to mention there was contradictory statements???

  • Kevin Wilson

    This is a crock of poo.

  • JackBulletz

    Im loving the super black shades